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Frequently asked questions

Selling items

How do I sell my items?

Sell your items using recyclabox self-service machines in selected Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Grab the stuff you want to sell and head to your nearest machine.  Follow the on-screen instructions to register items. Once an item is registered, accept the quote on screen and insert the item into the chute. You will be paid within 2 working days of verification. For more information, visit the How it works page.

Which items can I sell?

You can sell a range of items at recyclabox including Phones, DVDs, tablets and games.  For a full list of accepted products, visit the Products we accept page.

What do I need to sell my items?

All you need is an email address and phone number. If you choose to be paid via bank transfer, you need your account no. and sort code. If you choose to be paid via PayPal, you don’t need an account just an email address.

How long does it take to use the box?

Using recyclabox is quick and easy. The average transaction takes 5 minutes.

How do I get a quote for my item?

You can get a quote for your item on the recyclabox website or at the machine itself.  Just enter the details of your device or the barcode of a disc item. A quote will be automatically generated.

To sell my Game, DVD, CD or Blu-ray do I need the original case or manual?

Yes, all disc items must be sold in their original case with a manual if applicable.

To sell my Phone or Tablet do I need to include the charger or other accessories?

No, if you are selling a device only insert the item itself.

Am I guaranteed to receive the quoted price?

All items sold to recyclabox are checked at our verification centre. If the information you entered is correct and there is no damage to the items, you will receive the quoted price.

Do you accept items that are damaged or faulty?

We accept some devices which are damaged or faulty.

All CDs, DVDs and games must be working and in their original packaging.

Why has the quote for my device changed?

When you sell a device using the recyclabox, you will be asked to enter the make, model and condition.  After you deposit your item, it is taken to our verification centre to be checked.  If we discover that you have entered an incorrect model or make, we will send you a new quote.  If you have entered the incorrect condition, we will also send you a new quote.  For more information on the condition, read our guide to working and faulty devices.

Should I delete my data from any tech product I sell?

You should delete all of your data from the product before you sell it to us. If you forget, don’t worry! We wipe all of our products with accredited data wipe software to ensure that there is no personal data on the device.

Do you accept stolen or counterfeit items?

No.  We verify the ownership of all items sold using the recyclabox machine.

What do I do if I encounter an issue while using the box?

Don’t panic! Send us an email or message us on Facebook and our customer services team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  

What happens if I decide I want my item back once it is sold?

Once you have sold an item, you cannot retrieve it unless there is a change to your quote.

What happens if I insert an item that is not correctly described?

After your item is verified, we will send you an email with a new quote.

What if there’s no recyclabox machine near me?

Pop your postcode in here, and you’ll receive an email when a recyclabox machine launches near you.


How do I get paid?

You can be paid via paypal or bank transfer. For payment via PayPal all you need is a valid email address. For payment via bank transfer you need your account number and sort code.

How long does it take to be paid?

Payment is processed within 3-5 working days of selling provided there are no issues with verification or payment details.

I have deposited my items into the box, why have I not received payment?

Payments are processed when items have been verified.  If there is an issue with verification (i.e. the item does not match the description), then we will contact you.  If you have not received any communication from us after 5 working days, please contact the customer services team.  


What happens to the items I sell?

All items sold to recyclabox are reused or recycled.

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